I attended my first workshop with Kim and what an experience! Kim presented the what, when, and how of EFT. I also enjoyed being part of the experience as people shared their stories and Kim guided them to release negative energy.  She has a gift!


I was experiencing anxiety prior to a difficult situation I had to deal with. I was thinking the worst would happen and was feeling very negative. Kim did a tapping session with me and helped me to realize regardless of the outcome I would be okay. After the session I felt a lot more relaxed and more comfortable in facing the situation. She also gave me some strategies to use during the meeting. I came through the situation with considerably less anxiety. I would highly recommend Kim and EFT.


At a very low time in my life (2015) when I needed guidance to get back on track and feel alive again, EFT class with Kim saved me on so many levels. Learning about tapping helped guide me and start healing one day at a time. Today as life still has struggles, tapping helps me stay focused with positive thoughts & feelings but also deal with negative feelings head on. I thank Kim and learning about EFT everyday! It was and still is my saving Angel.

K. Jakobowski

Dear Kim,

I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation, to tell you what a great gift EFT has been in my life since you introduced it to me just over a year ago. It is most definitely a great addition to my emotional toolbox of life’s daily coping practices. Whether I apply it to a simply day-to-day situation or to those emotions with a deeper and substantial hold, it is a technique that is very easy to use, extremely effective and can be conveniently applied in any environment.

The tapping technique gives me a solid centered focus to get to the root of any emotional issue that may be presenting itself. It also reaffirms in me, the positive feelings of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, and gives physical release of any tensions throughout my body where any negative feelings may have manifested and attached themselves as being tangibly held within me. It is a great application to promote inner peace, self-healing with the ability to move on from any situation, big or small.

It is also a great comfort to me Kim, to know that any major emotional event which may surface for me, (as we all know the sometimes can and often do) that you are there for me, ready and approachable with your extensive knowledge and expertise as an effective EFT practitioner. I know I can trust you to gently assist me and successfully guide me through those more challenging emotional obstacles, which may present themselves at any time in the future. In particular, those ones I may find especially sensitive or difficult to tackle on my own.

Thank you so much for your continued help, many blessings and healings always to you and those individuals who are fortunate to be assisted by you, through this truly great and valuable, healing approach.

Sincerely yours,

K. Jakobowski

Lee Ann

I have learned a lot about tapping from Kim in the last number of years and found it to be very interesting and enlightening. My tapping experience with her showed amazing results and left me with peace and calmness. I would certainly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking at using tapping in their life not only as a teacher for the method, but much about the background and benefits of tapping.


My experience with Kim was pretty amazing, as a music producer I’m in the studio everyday, and every once in a while I’ll get writers block. Before Kim offered an EFT session I was experiencing writers block the whole day. After about 10 minutes doing the tapping and repeating affirmations, everything came to me. I produced an entire song within the next hour.