Unlike other approaches to healing,  the intention with EFT is to enable the individual to learn how to use the tool at any time without the aid of the practitioner to address specific issues immediately.

If you are new to the technique you may require more time to work through the negative issues accumulated over the years. As we spend time together I will get to know you and the time required to work through the tapping sequence and effect change will be shortened. You will be prepared for your session in advance and ready to address whatever is preventing you from being fully healed and happy ready to face your day with vibrancy and joy!

  • Personal One On One Sessions

    Focus on identifying what the issues are and tapping through each to provide relief.

  • Group Sessions

    Conducted in person or via Skype.

  • Corporate Sessions

    2-hour workshop with up to 10 participants.

Sessions can be conducted in person, via Skype or Facetime. Please contact me for any inquiries.
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