Kim Anderson

Hello, My Name Is Kim

I am a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner in the field of energy healing. I have been using EFT as part of my life skills toolkit since 2003. My goal is to share this powerful technique with everyone so they can experience relief from negative emotions and memories holding them back from experiencing a happy more productive life.

The positive, often immediate results, EFT (tapping) has on my clients is remarkable. Everyone has a negative event or events from their past or present they tend to relive in their minds like an old movie. It could be anything from a tough situation at work with a manager or employee to a challenging relationship with family or friends. Many people have been abused emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually and have tried many ways to move on and let it go with little success.

EFT has been a very effective way of helping people release negative emotions and thoughts relating to a personal event. EFT is endorsed by the self-help community of leaders like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Tony Robins and many more.  You may have seen Nick Ortner on the Dr. Oz show or Dawson Church, PhD, on Oprah. It is used as part of a toolkit by chiropractors, sports coaches and life coaches.

Whatever your story is, EFT can help you create a better happy ending!